We have incorporated a new entity, Changzhou MHK International Co., Ltd, that plans, produces, and proposes a new generation of raised access floors composed by steel encapsulated panels with chipboard core and calcium sulfate core.
MHK panels provide a vertical and re-entrant structural reinforcement along the whole perimeter of the two steel trays, doubled along the edges, and clinched together. This design grants high load performances while micro areas for dilations ensure dimensional stability against high humidity. Such design provides a far higher load capacity than all the other internationally most-sold panels.
From the innovative patent, MHK Company developed a fully automatic production line, one of the most modern in the world, that can produce up to 900 panels/hour. The two steel plates, formed from steel coils, are glued to both sides and clinched by a 250 t mechanical press, without any kind of welding.

  • Design IsĀ  Quality
  • Higher Load Capacity
  • Maximum Use Of The Spaces
  • Fast Production.
  • Innovative Designs
  • Easier and Comfortable


85% purity of calcium sulfate-higher than the international standard.
Advanced in loading capacity-better than any other supplier.
10-30% more loading capacity of each floor than coordinate.
Flatness improve 10% than other suppliers
Advanced in appearance ingenuity & a little cost.
It cuts the edge of tiles and produces a certain angle.
To enhance the flatness of panels.
To keep good performance.
To avoid the cracking-off the tiles.


  • Punched forming of one time.
  • On the back of the raised access floor in all-steel.
  • Applied to the computer room or equipment room requiring higher load-bearing.