Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Our ESD Conductive Vinyl Flooring Tile is the best ESD protection covering on the market and is ideal for many applications. Conductive PVC floor, static dissipative PVC floor or anti-static PVC floor, each of our homogeneous ESD floor tiles is designed to meet their respective requirements, becoming the preferred anti-static solution such as the anti-static raised flooring for data center. Mount our anti-static vinyl covering on a conductive copper foil or a conductive bottom layer with a carbon-containing adhesive so that the bottom layer forms a conductive ground plane. Our ESD static control vinyl flooring is perfectly compatible with our raised floors of various materials and is suitable for all commercial areas affected by static electricity. The high-end quality and cost-effective price make our ESD vinyl flooring the first choice for many large enterprises. We can be your best anti-static PVC (vinyl) flooring manufacturer and supplier!

  • Green environmental protection, fire retardant, water moisture, anti-bacterial, soundproof
  • Extremely durable, super wear-resistant, and pressure-resistant, can work under heavy loads up to 2000 psi
  • Lifetime electrical conductivity guarantee, necessary for protecting users, safe handling of static sensitive components
  • Suppresses risks related to static electricity: dust fixation, physical problems, degradation of electronic components
  • Ergonomic design and non-slip, Our static control flooring bring comfort and safety to users
  • Provides flexible installation, avoids damage to fragile parts, reduces downtime of your equipment, and is ideal for workstation transfer
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